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Thicket. (n) \ˈthi-kət\ - a dense group of trees that grew close together

Thickit. (n) \ˈthi-kit\ - a dense group of friends that take pictures of each other close together

Camp Thickit

EST 2016 | Pittsburgh, PA

Nestled in the foothills of the Alleghenies,
Thickit was the brain child of college roommates at Point Park Unviersity in Fall 2015.

Our Philosophy

We live in a world of user generated content. Joe’s Twitter. Frank’s Instagram. Mary’s Facebook. Everyone has a voice and they certainly have something to say. Some of this content might connect with you, but most of it is only being broadcasted to the void of the masses. It’s impersonal and hollow.

Social media platforms should aim to strengthen existing relationships in the real world, not force unmeaningful ones between strangers.

Enter Thickit, a competitive photo sharing game that relies on intimate, user to user interactions. Thickit takes place in the real world, with real people. Take pictures of your closest friends and rack up points. The more photos you take, the more points you get.

Camp With Comrades

Thickit Campers can only Catch other Campers that they have accepted into their ‘Camp.’ So your Thickit feed is only comprised of images of your closest friends, family, and co-workers. On the street. At a restaurant. Around the water cooler.

Camp Like A Champ

Do you like spending time taking quality photos or writing the perfect caption? Play for Merit Points and receive the highest badges of honor.

Aim For The Top Of The Totem Pole

Or maybe you like taking lots of pictures? Play for rank and aim for the top of your Camp’s leaderboard. Catch high ranking Campers and amass an even higher score.

Make The Game Your Own

Like to Catch your friends off guard? Sneak around to nab the perfect photo. Like to document your friends’ every move? Catch like there’s no tomorrow.

Regardless of how you play Thickit, you are playing with those closest to you as you document and detail each other’s lives through the use of competitive communal interaction.

It’s a game! It’s a social media platform! It’s Thickit.

Core Counselors

Mike Cooknick

Head Counselor and Product Manager

Mike Cooknick types a bunch of keys on his keyboard and somehow makes Thickit work (we’re still not quite sure how he does it). When he’s not coding Thickit, Mike likes to make rice, give people haircuts, and watch Taylor Swift music videos. His camping experience is on a national level, having traveled over 11,000 miles on a cross country camping trip that lasted nearly a month. He lost his hat somewhere in Texas and we still haven’t heard the end of it.

Mark Gazica

Operations Counselor

Mark Gazica manages the day to day operations of the Thickit development team like a boss (pun intended). He enjoys hiking, eating burnt marshmallows, and being the only guy that knows how to set up the tent. In his spare time, Mark likes to listen to loud music in his car, write stuffs on his blog, and visit other continents; he is currently 1 for 7.

Maggie McCauley

Marketing and Communications Counselor

Maggie McCauley spreads the word about how awesome Thickit is. When she's not writing social media content or managing publicity for Thickit, Maggie attends regular yoga and spinning classes to prepare for hiking trips. She is also a full time student at Point Park University who somehow finds the time to work towards two degrees in Broadcast Reporting and Advertising/Public Relations. She’s like the queen of being busy.

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Business Contact

Mark Gazica

Operations Counselor

Press Contact

Maggie McCauley

Marketing and Communications Counselor